PSLE English Composition Topics

Topic 5

Write about the most enjoyable holiday you had.

Things to think about

  • This is a descriptive-based composition.
  • Don't write every little thing that happened. Just write about the highlight of the day and why you enjoyed it so much.
  • What made this holiday so special that it is better than other holidays?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who shared your fun with you? Your friends? Relatives?

An example beginning

Here is an example starting paragraph to this essay to give you some ideas.. If you are stuck, please feel free to use this. However, we would rather you use your own beginning. It is always a delight to read what is swmming around in someone else's imgination.
As any kid can tell you, my most enjoyable holiday involved a lot of shouting, a great deal of laughing and getting very, very dirty. It was my first camp and it was not just any stay-in-school type camp. It involved tents and absolutely no parents.
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