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Continual Assessment 2 (#2): Section G

Read the passage carefully and answer questions 1 to 5.

Choose the most suitable answer.

 Winter usually starts in December and ends around February for countries in the northern part of the Earth. However, winter arrives in the Antarctic, which is in the southern part of the Earth, in March. During winter, nearly all creatures go to a warmer place except for the emperor penguins. They spend their whole lives on the Antarctic ice and in its water.

 To keep themselves warm, the penguins stay close together in a group. They take turns moving to the centre of the group where they are protected from the cold wind.

 These flightless birds breed in the winter. The female emperor penguin lays one egg and leaves to look for food. The egg is balanced on the male penguin's feet and covered with its pouch for 65 days!

 Finally, the egg hatches after about two months and the female penguin returns from the sea with food to feed and take care of the baby while the male penguin goes to look for food.

Adapted from National Geographic Kids

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When does winter start in countries at the southern part of the Earth?

It starts in ____________________________________ .

  1. March
  2. February
  3. December

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What does the word "its" in paragraph one refer to?

The word refers to ________________________ .

  1. the penguin's
  2. the creature's
  3. the Antarctic

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How do emperor penguins keep themselves warm?

They ________________________________________________ .

  1. turn quickly in the cold wind
  2. stay close together in a group
  3. stay inside a pouch for many days

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ID 38540

How does the male penguin keep the egg warm?

It ________________________________________________ .

  1. covers the egg with its pouch
  2. puts the egg inside a group of penguins
  3. brings the egg along when looking for food

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ID 38541
Which of the following sentence is true?
  1. Emperor penguins are the only creatures that live in the Antarctic.
  2. Both the male and female emperor penguins are able to look for food.
  3. The female emperor penguin balances the egg on its feet.

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