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Continual Assessment 1 (#1): Section C

For each question from 1 to 5, four options are given. One of them is the correct answer. Make your choice (1, 2, 3 or 4).

 It was their weekly Sunday football game. Alex, Jon and Ben were kicking a ball in a field near a canal. It had rained heavily that morning and the canal was full of water. The boys had the field to themselves that day.

 The boys were enjoying their game of football. Suddenly, Ben kicked the ball so hard that it flew over the railing and into the canal.

 Holding on to the railing with one hand, Ben quickly used a stick to try and retrieve the ball but he lost his balance and landed in the canal with a loud splash.

 "Help! Help!" shouted Ben.

 Ben's cries soon attracted Alex and Jon. They rushed to the canal. However, they did not know how to swim, so they started calling for help.

 A man who happened to be nearby came to their aid. He dived into the canal and managed to pull Ben safely to the side. Ben had drunk a lot of water and was quite shaken.

 By the time Ben recovered and wanted to thank the man for saving him, the man was nowhere to be found. Ben and his friends never played near the canal after wet weather from then on.
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ID 29859
The boys played football ________________________________.
  1. twice a day
  2. once a week
  3. twice a week
  4. during weekends

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ID 29860
Which of the following statements is true?
  1. The boys kicked the ball into the canal.
  2. The boys were playing football in the rain.
  3. The boys were the only ones playing in the field.
  4. The boys did not enjoy the game as the field was wet.

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ID 29861
Ben tried to retrieve the ball _______________________________.
  1. all by himself
  2. by getting into the canal
  3. with the help of a passerby
  4. with the help of the other two boys

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ID 29862
The man came to help when _____________________.
  1. he heard a very loud splash
  2. he heard Ben shouting for help
  3. he saw Ben falling into the canal
  4. he heard Alex and Jon shouting for help

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ID 29864
'Ben had drunk a lot of water and was quite shaken'. The underlined word shows that Ben was _____________________________.
  1. cold
  2. sorry
  3. relieved
  4. shocked

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