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End Year Examination (#3): Section C

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.


There once lived a monk called Shan, in a village in China. He had earned a great name for himself but he was very arrogant.


Qui Jun heard of his arrogance and wanted to teach the monk a lesson. He went to meet Shan who neither greeted him nor acknowledged his presence.


Just then a servant of the monk came with a messge, "The son of an army officer is here to see you."


The monk said, "I will go and greet him."


Shan welcomed the son of the army officer with respect. Soon, the army officer's son departed.


Qui Jun asked Shan, "Why is it that you greeted the army officer's son so respectfully, yet behaved so arrogantly towards me?"


Shan had a quick reply, "Please don't get me wrong. He is the son of a highly-ranked officer. We should respect him."


Qui Jun was upset with the monk's explanation and hit him with his stick.


Shan immdiately realised how foolish he had been and started showing respect to everyone he met.


Adapted from: www.pitara.com/takespin/folktales.asp

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ID 23122
Shan, the monk, was a _______________ man.
  1. proud
  2. humble
  3. modest
  4. well-regarded

Short Answer


ID 23123

How did Shan, the monk, welcome Qui Jun?


Shan ______________________________________________________

  1. ignored Qui Jun
  2. was friendly towards Qui Jun
  3. pretended not to know Qui Jun
  4. embraced Qui Jun with open arms

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ID 23124
Which one of the following words has the same meaning as 'departed'?
  1. left
  2. died
  3. arrived
  4. escaped

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ID 23125

Why did the monk greet the son of the army officer respectfully?


The monk was _____________________________________________.

  1. foolish
  2. respectful by nature
  3. afraid of the army officer
  4. impressed by the rank of the army officer

Short Answer


ID 23126

How did Qui Jun react to the monk's explanation about his insincere behaviour?


Qui Jun ___________________________________________________.

  1. laughed at the monk
  2. stuck the monk with a stick
  3. praised the monk for being honest
  4. showed respect towards the monk

Short Answer


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