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Continual Assessment 1 (#3): Section G

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. Choose the most suitable answer.

  Once, there was a very happy group of mice who lived life to the fullest. However, things took a turn for the worse the day the cat came to stay.

  Suddenly, the mice had to be on their toes all the time. They could not move about freely like before. To make matters worse, they discovered that their numbers were dwindling with each passing day.

  "We're in a crisis," said an old mouse eventually. "If things go on like this, I'm afraid we will all be killed. We need to think of a plan to save ourselves."

  "What can we do?" cried the mice.

  "We could tie a bell around the cat's neck. With the bell, each time it walks, we would hear it and we would be safe," proposed the old mouse. "We could do it while it is asleep."

  The mice thought it was an excellent idea and squealed happily. Then one mouse asked, "But who is going to put the bell around the cat's neck?"

  All the mice fell silent. They just looked at one another. One of the mice pointed at another mouse and said, "You're the best one for the job. I can't. I am too weak and old."

  "No way, not me. I'm not big and strong enough," he said and immediately pointed to another mouse. "He can do the job just as well."

  The mice continued to argue but none volunteered to do the job. As the days passed, the mice population grew fewer and fewer. Eventually, there was no mouse.
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How were the lives of the mice affected by the cat's coming to stay?
  1. They could mix well with the cat.
  2. They continued to live a happy life.
  3. They could not play with the bell any more.
  4. They had to constantly watch out for the cat.

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ID 20286
Why was the number of mice "dwindling with each passing day"?
  1. Some of the mice were eaten by the cat.
  2. Some of the mice fought with each other.
  3. Some of the mice went to another place to live.
  4. Some of the mice died beause they were getting old.

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ID 20287
What did the mice plan to do in order save themselves?
  1. They wanted to tie up the cat.
  2. They decided to run away from the cat.
  3. They wanted to tie a bell around the cat's neck.
  4. They decided to kill the cat while it was sleeping.

Short Answer


ID 20288
Which one of the following words has the same meaning as the word "discovered" in line 4 of the passage?
  1. created
  2. realised
  3. exposed
  4. understood

Short Answer


ID 20289
Why did none of the mice do the job?
  1. They were all feeble and old.
  2. They had too much argument.
  3. They felt too small and weak to do it.

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