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Mid Year Examination (#3): Section E

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

  Having sufficient sleep is very important to all of us. If we do not sleep enough, it is likely that we will be irritable. Some of us cannot even stay awake for an entire day.

  Everyone needs sleep. It is important for us to sleep well so that we can function well. As we get older, we require less sleep.    An average adult needs around six to eight hours of sleep each day while a growing child requires more than eight hours of sleep daily. A newborn infant practically spends all his or her time sleeping!

  By the time a child turns two, he or she will require about fourteen hours of sleep a day. The number of hours can be accumulated, thus it is common for young children to take naps throughout the day.

  Sleep is essential to allow our body to rest and repair itself. After a good night's rest, we will feel refreshed.

  Those who do not get enough sleep will get eye bags and dark rings which make them look unattractive. They are also grouchy at work or play.
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ID 20375
If we have enough sleep, we will__________.
  1. be less irritable
  2. not be able to function well
  3. not stay awake the entire day
  4. require less sleep on another day

Short Answer


ID 20376
The younger a person is, the________________________.
  1. less sleep he or she needs
  2. more sleep he or she needs
  3. less irritable he or she will be
  4. more irritable he or she will be

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ID 20377
An adult needs to sleep for about_______________hours.
  1. five
  2. nine
  3. seven
  4. fourteen

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ID 20378
Having insufficient sleep will__________________.
  1. affect our appearance
  2. give us energy to work and play
  3. cause us to skip afternoon naps
  4. help our body to feet rejuvenated

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ID 20379
The word 'essential' in the fourth paragraph means__________________.
  1. deep
  2. suitable
  3. sufficient
  4. important

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