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Mid Year Examination (#2): Section D

Read the passage below and answer questions.

  Thomas was excited. It was Saturday. His parents had promised to take him out shopping for the upcoming Chinese New Year. He could not wait to buy new clothes. The last time he went to Orchard Road was during Christmas when he bought a new set of stationery and some comic books from a bookshop. They even had some ice-cream after shopping.

  It was the weekend and there were many people shopping in preparation for the New Year. Thomas's parents told him to stay close to e them. As they were walking in New Point Mali, Thomas could not help but stare at all the beautiful toys on display in front of the toy shop.

  "Mum, can we please go to the toy shop?" Thomas begged.

  He tugged at his mother's skirt, trying to get her attention but she ignored him. Thinking that they would be close by, he dashed towards the toy shop to have a quick look.

  After admiring the toys, he decided to persuade his parents to buy a toy train for him. To his dismay, his parents were nowhere in sight. Beads of   15 perspiration trickled down his forehead as he continued to search for his parents. Realising that he had indeed lost his parents, Thomas burst into tears.

  Some shoppers stopped and tried to calm him down. As they were coaxing him, a security guard, who was doing his rounds stopped by.

  "Excuse me, is there something wrong?" the security guard asked.

  Realising that Thomas was lost the security guard immediately took him to the information counter. The receptionist at the counter made an announcement to the shoppers over the public address system.

  Ten minutes later, Thomas saw his parents rushing towards him. His face lit up as he ran towards them. He promised his parents never to wander off again.
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ID 20440
Thomas and his family went to Orchard Road to shop for new ___________for Chinese New Year.
  1. toys
  2. clothes
  3. stationery
  4. comic books

Short Answer


ID 20441
Thomas's parents advised Thomas not to wander off because they _______________________________________________ .
  1. wanted to buy him some new toys
  2. wanted to buy him some ice-cream
  3. did not want to lose him in the crowd
  4. did not want him to disturb the shoppers

Short Answer


ID 20442
Thomas tugged at his mother's skirt because __________________________
  1. his mother ignored him
  2. he wanted his mother to buy him a toy train
  3. his mother was afraid that he would wander off
  4. he wanted his mother to take him to the toy shop

Short Answer


ID 20443
Thomas burst into tears because __________________________________.
  1. his mother left without him
  2. he could not find his parents
  3. he had to search for his parents
  4. his parents refused to buy him the toy train

Short Answer


ID 20444
Thomas's parents got the information about their missing son from ____________________________.
  1. Thomas
  2. the receptionist
  3. the security guard
  4. one of the shoppers

Short Answer


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