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Mid Year Examination (#1): Section F

Read the following passage carefully and choose the most suitable answer.

  Mimi visited Sentosa last .week. According to her, the scenery was beautiful and there were many tourist attractions to visit. There was the Underwater World, the Surrender Chambers Museum and many others. On that day, the Surrender Chambers Museum was not open, so she went to the Underwater World, Fort Siloso and Musical Fountain.
The Underwater World was near Fort Siloso. Mimi was taken through the

  Underwater World on a travellator. It was not the first time that she had stood on a travellator. There were about two hundred and fifty types of fascinating marine creatures, many of which she did not even know existed. It was really an eye-opener. Mimi enjoyed observing the attractive marine creatures tremendously.

  However, Mimi said that she preferred the experience at Fort Siloso. Going through the old and dark underground war tunnels was a great experience as it allowed her to understand what the soldiers had gone through during World War Two. Along the way a tour guide talked about what had happened during the Japanese Occupation which made the visit a more enriching experience for her.

  In the evening, Mimi visited the Musical Fountain: The water "dancing" to the music was a delightful sight. Many visitors stood rooted to the ground, absorbing the rare beauty of the Musical Fountain. There were even a few children sitting in their strollers beside the adults. It was amazing how a computer programme could control the water spurts so welt. They really seemed to be swaying to the music.
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Mimi only visited the ___________  in Sentosa.
  1. Underwater World and Fort Siloso
  2. Underwater World, Fort Siloso and Musical Fountain
  3. Surrender Chambers Museum, Underwater World and Fort Siloso
  4. Surrender Chambers Museum, Underwater World. Fort Siloso and Musical Fountain

Short Answer


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The visit to the Underwater World was an eye-opener for Mimi as _______________________________ .
  1. it was near Fort Siloso
  2. the scenery was beautiful
  3. she had the opportunity to stand on a travellator
  4. she now knew more about the different species of sea creatures

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Which word in the 4- paragraph tells us that Mimi liked the visit to Fort Siloso more than the Underwater World?
The word is "__________________"
  1. great
  2. allowed
  3. preferred
  4. enriching

Short Answer


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The visit to Fort Siloso was meaningful for Mimi because of the ______________________________ .
  1. old and dark tunnels
  2. underground war tunnels
  3. soldiers who fought in World War Two
  4. tour guide's commentary about World War Two

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