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End Year Examination (#3): Section C

Choose the correct punctuation to complete the passage.

John was my classmate. He was a brilliant boy. However (1) I did not have a good impression of him. I thought he.was very stingy.

Recently, something happened to change my opinion of John. Our teacher told us that our school was helping to raise funds for the victims who have lost their homes in the flood and hoped that we would donate some money to this worthy cause.

For the next few days, he would bring food from home. He did not spend any money in the canteen nor at the school bookshop. Once, I made a remark, "Don't you ever have any cravings for titbits in school (2)

"I don't fancy titbits actually," John replied. "Well, if you offer me some, I won't decline it (3) he added.

The next day, when my teacher passed the donation tin around, she commented that the highest donor in my class was John. He had donated sixty dollars, which he had saved up from his pocket money. I regretted my earlier opinion of him as a miser.

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ID 12531
  1. [, ] comma
  2. [. ] full stop
  3. [: ] colon
  4. [! ] exclamation mark

Short Answer


ID 12532
  1. [.] full stop
  2. [! ] exclamation mark
  3. [!" ] exclamation mark and inverted commas
  4. [?" ] question mark and inverted commas

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ID 12533
  1. [.] full stop
  2. [, ] comma
  3. [," ] comma and inverted commas
  4. [." ] full stop and inverted commas

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