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Not receiving any email from Old School?

Yahoo and Hotmail users may have trouble receiving email from Old School. This is due to the strict Spam filters that these 2 web-mail providers use. Gmail users should not have this problem.

Yahoo Mail

For Yahoo users, email from Old School may end up in the Bulk Mail folder. You can manually go to the bulk mail folder and check for Old School email.

Open up the email and click on the Not Spam button.

Yahoo will ask for a confirmation whether this email is or isn't spam. Remember to move it to your Inbox!

This only works for retrieving your messages from the Bulk Mail Folder, Yahoo still does not remember that Old School emails are not spam.

The only way to ensure that Old School emails reach your Inbox is to create a filter. Click on Options (in the top right hand corner) and select Filters.

Add a filter.

For the filter settings:
  1. Choose anything for the filter name - I have chosen Old School.
  2. Make sure the From header: contains
  3. The message shoulb be moved to the Inbox.

Click on the image above to see an actual screenshot of the filter settings.

Once you add the filter, you should see it defined in your filters listing.

This should allow any email from Old School to reach you at Yahoo Mail.


Hotmail will also put Old School emails in the Junk E-Mail Folder.

Open the email and then select Not Junk Mail.

This will add add the administrator email address to your Safe List. No other action is needed.

Not receiving any Old School email, not even in the Bulk Mail/Junk E-Mail folders

Please check your settings and make sure that mail that is junk or spam is sent to the correct folder and not deleted immediately. If you are still having trouble, do not hesitate to contact us.

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